Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19th.

Today. Man. So Tired.
All in all I waited on someone for hours then went downtown, walked a lot and took pictures.
I've realized how much harder it is to take pictures now that I'm not a scene kid. Also, I really have been slacking in my picture taking and picture editing skills since I have not really done either for so long. I need to save up to get a freaking better camera lens. Not the one that the camera came with. It's so shitty for what I want my photo's to look like. :{ Any who. I plan on taking more pictures soon as I will be borrowing my aunts car for three weeks so I'll be able to go around and do more things. (I am super lazy. ;p)
Anyways, that's really all that Happened today. Tomorrow is my cousions First birthday! He's having a luau. :] Every child does when they're born into this family. And it will continue to happen whenever I have a child. (LATER down the road).
Anyways. I'll post some pictures from today. :P

Good Night guys!



  1. those pictures of you have to be my most favorite to date :D