Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Updates: That's how I live. :]

Man, I've got an idea.
Take pictures of what I do every day then blog about it. :D
-I'm too lazy to make a good blog.
-Sometimes I don't really do anything all day. o.O
-I'm lazy because the auto focus on my camera is broken.

SOOOOO, The way I'm doing things is by Random Updates.

My Halloween went like this:
My Friend Cory decided to Dress up as My Ex Boyfriend "Mitchell Fucking Famous" I was a Fairy. :3
This one we Discovered that Captain Morgan Had brought His hoes(he is a pimp).
Our Crazy design on Corri's Arm.
The Next day at Rave To The Grave. :P

For actual Halloween I watched 28 weeks later and had no trick or treaters. D: