Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Day of August.

I feel like today was Sunday.

I Just stayed at my friend Sam and Sam's last night. We had a blastie. :]
I haven't enjoyed myself that much for a grip.
Then my tummy hurt and I have been feeling like shit all day.
But that's okay. That's the Price sometimes. :P

It's nice to hang out with other couples. Makes you not afraid to be yourself with others.

My head is all over the place...
I planked for the first time last night! It was my silly boyfriends Idea.

Also, I love kitties.

Sooo cute.
Ilovekitties. D< My head hurts. I'm gonna get offline. T.T Anyways, Going to go turn in the application and deposit on the new apartment tomorrow. :] SOEXCITED. BYE

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aug. 25th

Topic of Today:

Growing up I have always believed in Astrology. Mostly just because my mother did and the books we had always seemed to be so right on. I never grew up religious or anything and I don't really believe in god (That's a whole other blog) but yet I believe in something that people predict just by looking at the stars. Totally unbelievable to some people. But I think it's a study like psychology that you can do just but watching the people born in those times and what not. Not all of it is just unreal. really. My favorite author is Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers.
They write books together. They have a series of books. A few is "The Secret Language of Relationships", "The Secret Language or Birthdays", And "The Secret Language of Destiny". They're all good books. I've read those three but there are a few more too. The one I own personally is the Relationships ones because I find it really useful. (The books are like $30 or so a piece).
I like this one because it tells you about what different things mean at the beginning, it tells you about the different cycles and all the basic things, then it goes on to tell you about each sign and then at the back they have charts that you can look up anyone's relationship with anyone just by their birthdays. I've usually found those to be pretty darn true too.

Cancer 1
The week of the Empath
June 25-July 2nd.

I'm not going to list everything that'd be ridiculous. But there are things in here that are just so true. (well all of it but some is just scary.)
Sometimes I wish people read other peoples Zodiacs more often. So they can learn about others and not only themselves. I do. :]

-Cancer 1's are hard to figure out. Emotionally complex, they combine sharply contrasting qualities in their psychological makeup. They may give an entirely different impression than in another, according to their mood. A Cancer 1 may strike one person as outgoing, another as retiring, one as positive and expansive, another as negative and depressive, still others as easygoing, others as difficult. Only those who live with cancer 1's day in and day out are fully able to appreciate their depth and diversity.

-Part of the reason for the variety of their emotional palette is their sensitivity. Empathic, cancer 1's quickly pick up on the feelings of others- so much so that they may mistake such feelings for their own.

Ect. Ect. But reading this the first time I was like, DAMN that explains some shit.
Cause I always get these emotions that I don't understand why I had them. Also it's common for me to be depressed and honestly I usually am but since I've been with chris it's been awhile since it's really been bad. :}
We both have our problems but together we're working on them. <3 And using that to lead on. :D

June 25th- July 2nd(Week of the Empath) And February 23rd-March 2nd (Week of the Spirit)
"The Long Haul"

Ruled by the earth, this relationship brings solid and well-established values to bear. It's foundation is not flimsy or temporary-these two have the long haul in mind. Although their combination is governed by earth, both cancer 1 and pisces 1 are ruled by water; a trine relationship between water signs like theirs is classically one of the easiest and most compatible: their relationship promotes groundness, pragmatism, responsibility and maturity, eschewing the kind of flakiness that both partners might be accused of individually. A kind of tenacity inherent here will help them over any bumps in the road.
The natural flow between cancer 1's and Pisces 1's promotes relaxed attitudes in love affairs. These two are also grounded here in a sensuous appreciation of food, sex and comfortable surroundings. Marriages are encouraged as a further step in a life commitment to each other, as is having children. Financial security is essential to the well-being of all concerned.

Also tells you
Strengths: Reliable, secure, spiritual.
Weakness: Resentful, over demanding, heavy.

It's funny because reading this when we first started hanging around and be interested in each other it scared me to read this because I was afraid of being in a long relationship getting out and being in one again right after. I told him I was afraid because of what it said. He told me I was silly and to not worry about it.
But, not that I'm with him I can see what it was saying. I'm happy where I am. :]

Anyways, if you're interested let me know. I can even message you what yours says if you want. <3 Baby is gone again. I miss him. I'm scared that he's gone all the time because I'm getting used to him not being around. I'm afraid maybe things will fade. I hope not. :{ Oh no I hope not.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Make up. August 20th, & 21st. And maybe a bit of today.

Saturday was my Baby Cousin Emil's 1st birthday. In my Family when it's your first birthday you get a Luau. And there's always a pig. Chris and I got there Early around 10 o' clock to get shit ready. We did the decorations and we also helped with some of the cooking when that whole part started. It was pretty exciting. There were quite a few people there. I'll Share some pictures with you.

^Birthday Cake^

^The baby even gets his own cupcake! Emil's First experience with sugar!^

^Baby Emil With Grandpa!^

^Here's my little brother and Chris Working on Mui Mui Salmon? I forget what it's called. You put frozen salmon that's been salt and chopped up tomatoes and onions pour some ice in it and mush it up with your hands! It was cold but Delicious!

^Me, Mother, Father, Half brother^
(They're divorced)
It was nice to be able to spend time with them all together. :} I barely see my dad anymore and I take what I can get when I can. :}
After the Luau Chris and I went to his place to go swimming with my brother while dad was at work. Then we got pizza together! It was nice. :D

^One of my aunts and some guy sticking their feet in the wadding pool. 92 degrees is way hot!

^And this here is the pig! 80lbs! It was Nummy!^
Kinda..Morbid though. D:

^This is Chris and I Chilling down by the river. I look a little crazy^

That was my Saturday. Didn't do all too much. Was exhausted by the time I finally got home. Then Sunday I didn't really do anything. Went over to my aunts and helped her clean up after the party and did some laundry.

But right now it is 12:26 pm on Monday the 22nd and I'm doing nothing but sitting here. Chris is off to his mom's again for two days so he can work. :{ It makes me really sad when he's gone. It wouldn't be so bad if we could atleast text. But he's at work from 7-5. No texting. :{ And then he goes to bed at 10. .:Sigh:. While I am up to face the dangers of falling asleep alone in the dark.

While he is away I like to be reminded that he really does love me since he isn't there to tell me himself. (He isn't very mushy in public or online) He once told me that this song reminded him of me.
So, I listen to it a lot when he's away.

"Came in together, but you held me..
The process walking right through that door, at the entry.
I can’t seem to remember, the lights were so bright,
And the disco ball blurred in the turn of that night.
But it was perfect, I was told the tux was starched and all.
Grabbed the glass of punch, nervousness, structured by that wall.
Arms folded, myself, I didn’t know yet.
Until you came over, stood by me, you posted.
You put your hand out like I was stranded.
Tried to pull me on that dance floor, I stepped backwards.
See I wasn’t ready yet, but you were my medicine..
Showed me that trust through that love that you held me with.
our backs against the wall as the DJ would spin
The soundtrack had changed as he played that mix…
Our lives flashed in front of us, just a glimpse,
We were together and experience this..

You finally pulled me up, I didn’t want to..
But you filled me up, from the bottom of my heart.
And as we walked through that gymnasium that I’d been watching,
Feeling like my chest would explode from my heartbeat.
To the middle of the floor I almost panicked,
You put your hand out and I fearfully grabbed it.
The most beautiful thing that I’d seen on this planet,
She laughed ‘cause you could tell that I didn’t know how to dance yet..
We started moving and I, didn’t know what I was doing.
You whispered,
“don’t you love music it’s such a gift and I’ll give it to ya, but you gotta use it”
I strayed, you brought me back in..
Trying to sneak a flask outside of that gym.
She said “You don’t need that, look within.”
She hugged me, looked into my eyes, she gave me a kiss
And she said, “I can’t help you, if you don’t let me.
You’re here to live just be, don’t forget me.
The end of this dance you don’t want to regret me, live..
‘Cause tonight you’ll all be set free”

“Last dance!” the Dj yelled.
Looked into her eyes and I could see myself..
Slow motion, frozen, toast to this moment.
Like there is no morning, like there is no morning.
No emotions, you on my shoulder, me lead and you follow,
As we circle the floor like the globe through this infinite mass..
Makes us seem so small,
With you in my hand like the skyline holds the stars.
Not letting go, but I can’t hold on
Fading through my fingertips, watching us fall..
I try to catch you with my arms
I would never take you for granted when I had you in my palms.
To all I ever wanted, please play my song.
And put the record to the needle, don’t ever touch that off switch.
You are perfect, forget that prom dress.
My God, seconds away from God, yes.
Somebody turned the heat on in this party,
Or we’re becoming one because I’m melting into your body..
one being, heart beating, universe falling.
The ground split right between us and that concrete..
Separated my love, I could hear her calling.
Separated, but I could hear her calling.
Goodbye forever, never see you again
Winterball 2012, The End"

<3 I love my baby.

He is the best thing that has Ever happened to me.

I never want to lose him.

Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19th.

Today. Man. So Tired.
All in all I waited on someone for hours then went downtown, walked a lot and took pictures.
I've realized how much harder it is to take pictures now that I'm not a scene kid. Also, I really have been slacking in my picture taking and picture editing skills since I have not really done either for so long. I need to save up to get a freaking better camera lens. Not the one that the camera came with. It's so shitty for what I want my photo's to look like. :{ Any who. I plan on taking more pictures soon as I will be borrowing my aunts car for three weeks so I'll be able to go around and do more things. (I am super lazy. ;p)
Anyways, that's really all that Happened today. Tomorrow is my cousions First birthday! He's having a luau. :] Every child does when they're born into this family. And it will continue to happen whenever I have a child. (LATER down the road).
Anyways. I'll post some pictures from today. :P

Good Night guys!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

August, 18th.

Today I learned that the juice maker I received for my birthday years ago and just now using is plain out awesome.

I just made Lemonade.
With a hint of Smirnoff Cranberry Vodka.

Two Lemons
Half a spoon of sugar
Half a can of sprite
As much Vodka as you like. :D

Also, Today I really did nothing. I attempted taking a picture last night and for today for a picture collage of the month thing. Didn't work. I need to find a nice clear place to setup my camera. However, such a place does not exist.
Oh yus, I also Learned today that dreaming about your teeth falling out could mean something bad happening to your health or something you tried to keep secret coming back to Bite you in the butt. D:
Hopefully, that's not the case on either account.
But dream theory is interesting in any means and I strongly suggest to keep a dream journal. Or look up your dreams ASAP apon wake up time. :]
I've really got nothing to say.
Going through all my old pictures today to delete bad ones.
Have a awesome picture to enjoy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life Sucks Sometimes.

Man, life sucks sometimes. I've been going to school since I moved out because my aunt wants me too complete a college degree. I don't even know what I want to do. :/ But since I'm going to school full time she's paying for my living expense...But I just hate school so much. I'm not very studious at all and I have no idea what I even want to do so I'm just not ..I have no idea what I'm typing because I'm distracted by all the fucking conversation going on behind my head. It's no wonder I never want to do homework because the people I live with freaking smoke pot and play video games all day. None of them have the same scheduled. I'm so bad at living with people. But I can't live by myself because I just get too lonely. :? Look, now I'm not even talking about school. Anyways, my aunt is disappointed in me because basically school is my work. :/ It's my job and I seem to be failing every term. I'm doing way better than I have been and she doesn't realize that. i finally have direction and NOW is the time she starts freaking out? D: F me....Ugh. i'm so stressed out. but I can't even do anything until next term. Man....THISISSOANNYOING.
Everything is. :[
I don't even know what I'm doing anymore, Or what I'm supposed to want.
I need some goals. I can't wait until Chris goes to school in the winter. I really can't wait. maybe It'll motivate me more.
I don't even know what I should be Writing about.
You know those moving pictures that's a picture of you ever day for like a month?
I've always told myself I'm going to do that But I never do. I think I finally will really start.

Wish me luck. :[

Maybe I should Get back into Photography.
Once I get a better camera lens.

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

 It's so true. So from now on I'm going to try and record my days better.

Today is August 15th. Today I didn't do too much. I woke up and said goodbye to my baby. (He was going to go work for his mom today) then I played Sims with Matt (my hippie friend who has been living at a commune.) Then I went to school and took my final in my freaking Philosophy class. D: I'm pretty sure I bombed that whole class. I'm super nervous on what I am supposed to do if I don't pass my class. :{ Will I even be able to take classes next term? What will my aunt do about it if I can't? Will she pay for the classes? D: Will I actually have to find a job instead of go to school full time? If I have to find a job then I wont be able to pay for the new place that I want to move too. :[ A Nice three bedroom two bath apartment up the street that's closer to my school. Anyways, I'm rather tired. I think I'm gonna head to bed. Baby isn't home. He's staying at his mom's so he can work tomorrow at six am. :{ I miss him a lot and it's always hard to fall asleep while he is away. I've got to pass out on the couch because my bed is just far to big and empty without him. I love him though and I'll see him tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and Yesterday I was working on some art. :D Not my best but hey, whatever. :}


We will start off here, at the beginning.
Hi, If you didn't know already my name is Ariel Elizabeth.


I'm currently a student in love with fashion however I am only studying art as of this moment. Future plans include marketing. I'm creating this blog just because I can and my friend Samantha has inspired me to create my own blog. (Previously I have made one for my poetry [] Follow me there as well. <--) I'm creating this as a way to not use Facebook and to share more things with people that care more. Or, for people who are just bored. I will not be focusing on just ONE subject. I myself am rather multifarious and therefor, my life tends to be too.
Follow. :]

1.having many different parts, elements, forms, etc.
2.numerous and varied; greatly diverse or manifold: multifarious activities. 

Some things about me.

Favorite Colors: Turquoises, pinks, black&white(eveniftheyrenottechnicallycolorsD<)
Age: 20
Passions: Art, painting, photography, fashion, boyfriend, cats, pokemon, digimon, sims, ect, ect.
Status: Happily Taken. :] A year in September, I'm impressed.
Favorite Animal: Kitties! ALL kinds. :D