Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh, Hi there.

Well, Hello blogger, Long time no blog. For real.
Man, it's been awhile since I've had the time to sit down and not know what to do with myself on the internet. I've been so busy with school, packing to move, moving and unpacking and waiting for my cable and internet to be set up that I just simply Haven't Had the time to get on blogger.

What Have I Been Up To? Well, I pretty much summed it up above. :p I've been moving! We're in our new place, still got some random stuff left over at the old place that we need to be taking care of and get up here! I'm glad that we're at this new place. It's SO much bigger than our old place. Our old place was a two bed one bath and it was a small one level kinda cramped for all of our stuff. Now we have so much room I don't know what to do with it! (Besides the closet space, got all of that filled. ;P) We've got Three Bedrooms, Two Bath, a Kitchen, Den, Dining Room, Living Room, and Laundry room! My goodness. It kinda feels like Home. I think it'll feel more at home once everything is arranged and my art is up on the walls! (one of the things still at the old place is all my art work :[)
Anyways, Boyfriend Back. Gonna Go Spend some time. :3 Love him.
Oh, Pictures up later!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Who can you talk to when you have something to say, but don't want anyone to know?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Seven

Day 07
A picture of someone, something that has the biggest impact on you

If You Noticed, I skipped Day 6 Because I didn't have a favorite Super Hero.

A Picture of someone that has made the Biggest Impact on me. I would say This Boy Named Garrett had the Most impact on me. This kid and I dated when I was..Idk, freshman to sophomore summer and then part of sophomore year. I don't know why we broke up I thought we were perfect. He never really told me why and I've just learned to accept this and move on by now. For years I was stuck on it. But He impacted me in the way that I probably wouldn't be how I am today if it wasn't for him. He was the sweetest,kindest, purest of heart person I knew. He taught me that it was okay to be myself and to love myself for who I am and to love others for who they were. He taught me what being in love was, and he also taught me what kind of person I love is. And thanks to Garrett I've discovered that Chris has the Similar qualities I've always looked for. The only thing that sucks Is I think Garrett thinks I'm still obsessed with him or something. XD I'm just very appreciative of him and I wish him the very best.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day Five.

Day 05
A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

I think the most exciting place I've been to is Hawaii.

I've got a lot of family that Live there. Most of the times I've been I don't remember because I was so young. The most recent time I've been there was for my 16th Birthday. It was pretty fun. My aunt tells me that She will take chris and I for my 21st! :D Kinda feels like a trap, going to the bar with your aunt lol. Oh well. :3 It will be quite the experience and I'm rather excited. I can't remember right now if chris has been to hawaii or not. He's excited as well. Whenever I go there I go to Oahu Because that's where my Tutu lives. (Tutu= Great grandmother, Popo is Grandma. )

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 4

Day 04
A habit that you wish you didn't have

This one takes a lot of thinking about. A Habit I wish I didn't Have. If you would have asked me this question just a few months ago I'd Say My drinking Habits would be something I wouldn't want. But I've been working on those since the new years. It's almost been a year and I've only blacked out Three times (way better than before, story for another day.)
A habit I wish I didn't have was I tend to be nosey when it comes to who my boyfriends are talking to. I've had problems in my past with guys cheating on me or being overprotective over me because they're doing the wrong thing. :[
However, my current boyfriend tells me I've got nothing to worry about and that he's never even thought about cheating on me. I really should just trust him. It's hard to though with anyone. However, Trust is the most important thing in a relationship.