Sunday, February 26, 2012

Febuary 26th.

Hey guys! I know I haven't been posting very much lately, I've just been doing some school stuff and doing the usual social thing. I haven't had much to update on. :] I have been keeping up with my Lookbook and my Other Blog, Tainted Sweetheart. I don't have very many followers on that blog, but, I am enjoying it none the less.

The other day I went to the mall to find an outfit for the next rave I'm going to "Big Bang Theory Five" and I ended up not finding anything and instead spending $70 on two shirts, three pairs of underwear, two belts and a Necklace from forever 21. That store is SO dangerous. I always go in and find way to many things that I like. I am SO stoked to be able to wear everything though. :] I'm waiting until it's a bit warmer so I can wear the dress but I already Put an outfit together for lookbook to show off my new shirt! It's a see through lace shirt, Kind of 70's and vintage inspired. I LOVE lace and I adore the look. Here is a picture!

This weekend I went to a friends house for a little party. It was a LT3 Party. :p Less than Three. They're originally all my boyfriends friends they quickly all became my friends too, I love those kids, they're great. But Yeah, had a good time got to see everyone, didn't get any pictures though. XD

Hmmm....More Pictures is all I can think of to share.

Boyfriend being cute.
Bloo and I At Space with Her LED Hoop
Boyfriend, Dora and I.
And Boyfriend and I!

Those three pictures from the Rave were taken by my friend Alden, he is an AMAZING photographer. He takes such good, high quality, and well editied pictures. he really should get paid of more gigs.

But I guess that's all I really have to say today! :]

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Febuary 21st, (Photo Heavy!)

Oh hello there! I know I have not really posted much on here for a bit but that's because I have been so distracted making sure I update my new Fashion Blog here! You should check it out! I'm trying to get more followers, I know it may not be the most interesting but I am just trying to gain a few supporters. My best Friend Charlotte even made a Blog just so she could follow me! She is the best, I love her!

Anyways, what has been going on? Well This term is well close to being done, taking a math chapter test tomorrow, (So Not excited) and I have been working on some photo projects! Let me tell you, so hard to do when it's not sunny out. :[
Here is my last project I did! We had to make a "dream scape".

That is Portland, Oregon's waterfront (some of it) My friend Garrison, boyfriend Chris and My own Bodies floating there with some random cats heads on us. My Class got a real Hoot out of it. I'm glad someone liked it!

Speaking of Portland
...Holy shit. Had the Craziest Adventure today (kinda). I went downtown to take pictures for a project and for lookbook with my Friend Jenna(<----Check out her Blog!)and we had gotten down to the boat dock after taking pictures for lookbook and then i realized....I Didn't have my phone!!!!! D: I lost my phone on the max! Freaked out and ran around and they called chris and he told them to call Jenna. Someone found my phone on the max and gave it to someone that works for Trimet at Gateway Max Station! I am Sooooo lucky that someone returned my phone! I was so happy I wanted to give the guy a hug! But...That would have been weird. >> You could tell he would feel weird about it. Some older big trimet guy lol. But yeah found my phone. :]

Here is a picture of my friend Jenna! She's super cute!

I have been obsessed with Pictures being mirrored lately. :]

Also, I went to a Rave "Space" on saturday. Got some awesome pictures. :] PHOTOSSS!!!

Me Dancing!
Sabrina and I Dancing!
Boyfriend wearing My shirt!
Just me!
Lol, Chris and I getting DOWN.

And I think that's all for now!
Check out my Lookbook and New blog Tomorrow for An Outfit update!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Announcment!

Hey guys!

I have decided that I am now going to split my blog up. I'm going to keep this one for my lifestyle and have a separate Fashion blog! If you're interested in following me there you should do so. :] I'm trying to get my blog out there! Here it is! So any support would be nice. If you want I can probably promote you as well!
Thanks guys!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day.

Well hello everyone, today is Valentines Day. Obviously. You know, all over facebook and all over my texts I just keep seeing people talking about how corrupt and stupid valentines day is. Yes, it's very commercialized, and yes, you should be showing your significant other love everyday and not just today. But take a second to think. Christmas, Halloween and 4th of July are just as Advertised as Valentines is. You could make the Argument that EVERY holiday is just a hallmark holiday, and excuse to see gifts. And to say that we should be showing our Love everyday to the person we love, yes, we should be doing that. And a lot of people do. Valentines day isn't just an excuse to pay extra attention or any attention at all to those we love. It's like a reminder, that we should be treating our loved ones right. And sometimes people don't always have the time or money to treat their loved ones the way they wish they could and Valentines day is like a way that those people are able to set everything aside just to be with each other. Just because you don't have a "Valentine" you're going to ruin everyone else's day. And just saying that, that you don't have a "Valentine" now that, is commercialized. Valentines day isn't about having a special someone, it's about showing love to those you love.

On another note, here is the last post on lookbook I put up!

I wasn't going to put it up originally, but I put it up on my facebook and since so many people liked it I thought I might as well go ahead and put it up. :] It was just a casual outfit so I'm surprised anyone liked it really. However, that is my FAVORITE dress. It's perfect for so many different occasions. It's simple and sweet. I've worn it to weddings, Dates, and just being out for a stroll, I can't wait for summer so I can show it off!

I was gonna take more pictures today for lookbook but I had tried to find a Valentines outfit, (Since I'm not really going out I didn't have one planned) and I couldn't find anything that seemed right. So I just put on a normal outfit but then it started raining! So discouraged. Oh well, Hopefully I'll take some new good ones soon. I've also realized that since I've started taking pictures for look book I seem to have stopped taking regular pictures. I kind of want a new camera, the camera lens I have is way to close for me to take self Portraits without having to use a tripod, and that's way harder, less angles. I miss my dinky little camera that the screen could flip around so I could see myself!

I don't know what it has been lately, but, I keep having these HUGE feelings of a Lack of self-esteem. I've never felt like this before. I hate the way I look...I wish I could change everything about myself. I don't look very good in pictures anymore and I can't figure out what it is. :[ I used to be so much cuter or something. I don't like my eyes, my bone structure, my body shape, my lips, my teeth, my chest. Ugh, I don't know what it is...WHY do I look so different? Honestly, I've kinda been thinking It's because of my hair...Like, the length and shape of my hair, maybe that's why I feel like I don't look attractive anymore. I thought I was super cute when I was a scene kid, my hair was bigger on top and thinner on the bottom. ( my face is wider on the bottom maybe that's why it looks weird) But it's bothers me because I LOVE MY HAIR. If anything that's my favorite part about me. :[ I need to just get over it. I am Cute...I just can't take good pictures anymore. .:Sigh:.

Oh...Mmmm, My Valentines Day Rundown.
Wake up
Baby Gave me a Giant Teddy Bear and some Chocolate. (Think I'll have a piece right now!)
He took me out to lunch
He goes to work and I stay home and attempt Homework!
I took and have Breakfast for Dinner ready for him when he gets home!
I give him his gifts!


There are pictures of the bear! We need to think of a Name for him. :p
So far he's just Mr. Bear. That name will not suit him.

Have a Great Day everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Feb. 10, 2012

And here begins another day, today is Friday. It's only 12:30 and I feel like I'm ready for it to be 7:30 already. My boyfriend doesn't go to work until two and then get's off work at 7:30. Man, I am going to be so bored today! Of course, I woke up at 9:30am, that's earlier than normal lately. ;P

I had an appointment with my school Career Counselor at ten. We went and talked about the five top Careers I had chosen to look more into. We talked about where I wanted to be, if I wanted to stay in Oregon or not. My top five choices Art Therapist, Wardrobe Director/ Personal Shopper (I REALLY WISH), Marketing Manager, Interior Designer, and Art Teacher.

I've got to decide what I really want to go for. A while ago I had finally decided that I wanted to be an Art Teacher but then everyone kept telling me it was impossible to find a job now days for an Art teacher, sad thing is when I did the research I'd be way more likely to get a job as an art teacher rather than a Wardrobe Director. Actually, there are more art teachers than any of the other jobs I want. Of course being an art teacher would make me the least amount of money out of all of those jobs, but honestly, $46,000~ a year really isn't that bad. I wish I was more competitive...Cause that's what really gets to me when I am looking for a career. If I was more competitive I'd probably be able to make it SOMEWHERE in the fashion world.
I'm just so scared and I know that there are people that are better than me. I guess I'll always be a problem. I wish there was a way I could work under someone. :[ But yes, those are my dreams. I always wanted to be a wardrobe director and be able to put outfits together for movies, T.V. shows or photo shoots. God, I wish. :[
I might just end up as an art Teacher. Looking at what I really want to be, kinda sad. :p
Anyways, Check out my look book! If you have one you should fan me. :] Trying to get myself more out there.

Anyways, I've got to try and motivate myself to go take pictures today. It's cold and Slightly rainy out...I don't want to go downtown, but, that's kinda where I want to go to take pictures. :[ Maybe I'll find some company to go with me.

Have a great day! :D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb. 7th, A Small Rant.

For some time when I was a bit younger, I may have been considered whorish, slutty, easy or whatever. I admit I would get to know people and want to be with them, I love the excitement of what's unknown about someone. The way their hand grazes your waist, the way they kiss, the way they act when they first wake up. I love it, it's all so interesting. But I remember back then there were a lot of people that called me a tease, and not in a joking, sensual, funny way. No, they said it in a mean, I'm mad at you because you wont have sex with me Kind of way. Back then that would upset me, I felt like a bad person because I was "Leading" people on even though I didn't want anything more than that. I realize now that it shouldn't fucking matter if you fool around with someone but don't have sex with them. Sex is something special that you should only give to those you care deeply about, or if you both know it's just for fun. Those people were rude and mean and just upset that they couldn't have me that way. And now, I look back and I'm glad I never let them get to me so bad that I actually did have sex with them. I look back and realize, I'm glad I'm a tease, because at least I'm not a whore or easy. Which is what they would have said if I had had sex with them.

That's just a little rant I had to get out. ><
Goodnight. <3

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Febuary Fourth.

Attempting to still do this, so far not much of a response.
In any case it seems like I'm just using for attempting to win Giveaways! Woot.
First off I might as well share my new look on Lookbook.

Well....I guess I haven't been doing much. This weekend has been amazing though. And it's not over. I started my weekend on Thursday. It has been rather exciting. Man. I don't have anything to say. :/
Resort to pictures.

This was Thursday Night

And this was last night! (Friday night)

It's been a rather fun couple days. It's gorgeous outside, I'm hopefully getting sushi today. :D Awesome!