Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb. 7th, A Small Rant.

For some time when I was a bit younger, I may have been considered whorish, slutty, easy or whatever. I admit I would get to know people and want to be with them, I love the excitement of what's unknown about someone. The way their hand grazes your waist, the way they kiss, the way they act when they first wake up. I love it, it's all so interesting. But I remember back then there were a lot of people that called me a tease, and not in a joking, sensual, funny way. No, they said it in a mean, I'm mad at you because you wont have sex with me Kind of way. Back then that would upset me, I felt like a bad person because I was "Leading" people on even though I didn't want anything more than that. I realize now that it shouldn't fucking matter if you fool around with someone but don't have sex with them. Sex is something special that you should only give to those you care deeply about, or if you both know it's just for fun. Those people were rude and mean and just upset that they couldn't have me that way. And now, I look back and I'm glad I never let them get to me so bad that I actually did have sex with them. I look back and realize, I'm glad I'm a tease, because at least I'm not a whore or easy. Which is what they would have said if I had had sex with them.

That's just a little rant I had to get out. ><
Goodnight. <3


  1. I see so much stuff talking about exactly what you just posted. Its ridiculous. No one ever says stuff like that about guys. If a guy leads a girl on then nothing happens or they have sex then he doesn't want her anymore the girl just wasn't good enough, nothing bad is usually said about the guy.

    Same with if guys get "friend zoned". Its just a way for a girl to sound like a bitch for not being attracted to someone -_____- There isn't an equal term for a guy doing that.

    But then like you said, if you do what they wanted then you'd be a slut. Also if you did what they wanted without wanting to yourself you would regret it and feel shitty later. There is no winning!

    Now I sound like a crazy feminist XD

    1. Hahaha, I think all girls sound like "crazy feminists" whenever they get on the topic about how it is unfair that girls are always the ones in the wrong when it comes to anything sexual. It truly is unfair that woman get all these names with whatever we do that is unpleasing someone, and everything we do is unpleasant to at least one person. I mean, if we have sex with a guy we're not in a relationship with we're a slut, or if we don't have sex with them then we're prude. I mean geez, talk about double standard.

      I hate that I've gotten into this argument with so many of my guy friends. Where they can go and sleep around, I call them a whore and they get all defensive and are like "Nah bro, I'm just a playa." -.- In reality, it's pretty much the same thing. Society just plays it off as being a good thing.

      GRRR. Annoying as Fuck.