Sunday, February 26, 2012

Febuary 26th.

Hey guys! I know I haven't been posting very much lately, I've just been doing some school stuff and doing the usual social thing. I haven't had much to update on. :] I have been keeping up with my Lookbook and my Other Blog, Tainted Sweetheart. I don't have very many followers on that blog, but, I am enjoying it none the less.

The other day I went to the mall to find an outfit for the next rave I'm going to "Big Bang Theory Five" and I ended up not finding anything and instead spending $70 on two shirts, three pairs of underwear, two belts and a Necklace from forever 21. That store is SO dangerous. I always go in and find way to many things that I like. I am SO stoked to be able to wear everything though. :] I'm waiting until it's a bit warmer so I can wear the dress but I already Put an outfit together for lookbook to show off my new shirt! It's a see through lace shirt, Kind of 70's and vintage inspired. I LOVE lace and I adore the look. Here is a picture!

This weekend I went to a friends house for a little party. It was a LT3 Party. :p Less than Three. They're originally all my boyfriends friends they quickly all became my friends too, I love those kids, they're great. But Yeah, had a good time got to see everyone, didn't get any pictures though. XD

Hmmm....More Pictures is all I can think of to share.

Boyfriend being cute.
Bloo and I At Space with Her LED Hoop
Boyfriend, Dora and I.
And Boyfriend and I!

Those three pictures from the Rave were taken by my friend Alden, he is an AMAZING photographer. He takes such good, high quality, and well editied pictures. he really should get paid of more gigs.

But I guess that's all I really have to say today! :]


  1. I love your first outfit, i love all the lace!
    I've never been to a rave before, but it looks so fun!

    1. Thank you! :]
      A lot of people haven't been to one, but they're so fun! That one was a small one so it was more...Homey, but Big ones are fun too! I suggest for everyone to go to one at least once. It's an experience. :]

  2. hey! i just discovered your blog today! I love it! youre so cute and your hair is awesome! just followed! :) xxx

    1. Aww, well thanks dear! Sorry for the late reply my laptop has been all messed up so I haven't really gotten the chance to use it. Hopefully I'll be getting it fixed soon and be posting more!