Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Febuary 21st, (Photo Heavy!)

Oh hello there! I know I have not really posted much on here for a bit but that's because I have been so distracted making sure I update my new Fashion Blog here! You should check it out! I'm trying to get more followers, I know it may not be the most interesting but I am just trying to gain a few supporters. My best Friend Charlotte even made a Blog just so she could follow me! She is the best, I love her!

Anyways, what has been going on? Well This term is well close to being done, taking a math chapter test tomorrow, (So Not excited) and I have been working on some photo projects! Let me tell you, so hard to do when it's not sunny out. :[
Here is my last project I did! We had to make a "dream scape".

That is Portland, Oregon's waterfront (some of it) My friend Garrison, boyfriend Chris and My own Bodies floating there with some random cats heads on us. My Class got a real Hoot out of it. I'm glad someone liked it!

Speaking of Portland
...Holy shit. Had the Craziest Adventure today (kinda). I went downtown to take pictures for a project and for lookbook with my Friend Jenna(<----Check out her Blog!)and we had gotten down to the boat dock after taking pictures for lookbook and then i realized....I Didn't have my phone!!!!! D: I lost my phone on the max! Freaked out and ran around and they called chris and he told them to call Jenna. Someone found my phone on the max and gave it to someone that works for Trimet at Gateway Max Station! I am Sooooo lucky that someone returned my phone! I was so happy I wanted to give the guy a hug! But...That would have been weird. >> You could tell he would feel weird about it. Some older big trimet guy lol. But yeah found my phone. :]

Here is a picture of my friend Jenna! She's super cute!

I have been obsessed with Pictures being mirrored lately. :]

Also, I went to a Rave "Space" on saturday. Got some awesome pictures. :] PHOTOSSS!!!

Me Dancing!
Sabrina and I Dancing!
Boyfriend wearing My shirt!
Just me!
Lol, Chris and I getting DOWN.

And I think that's all for now!
Check out my Lookbook and New blog Tomorrow for An Outfit update!


  1. Gah I love that mirrored shot! I am going to use it for my fb default XD

    And I am excited to see your look tomorrow! >:D

    1. Isn't it awesome?! I am glad you're going to use it! I am so obsessed with them lately. o.o

      D: My look will be up so late. XD Oh well, better late then not at all.


  2. God, I love your hairlook and your awesome blog <3