Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day.

Well hello everyone, today is Valentines Day. Obviously. You know, all over facebook and all over my texts I just keep seeing people talking about how corrupt and stupid valentines day is. Yes, it's very commercialized, and yes, you should be showing your significant other love everyday and not just today. But take a second to think. Christmas, Halloween and 4th of July are just as Advertised as Valentines is. You could make the Argument that EVERY holiday is just a hallmark holiday, and excuse to see gifts. And to say that we should be showing our Love everyday to the person we love, yes, we should be doing that. And a lot of people do. Valentines day isn't just an excuse to pay extra attention or any attention at all to those we love. It's like a reminder, that we should be treating our loved ones right. And sometimes people don't always have the time or money to treat their loved ones the way they wish they could and Valentines day is like a way that those people are able to set everything aside just to be with each other. Just because you don't have a "Valentine" you're going to ruin everyone else's day. And just saying that, that you don't have a "Valentine" now that, is commercialized. Valentines day isn't about having a special someone, it's about showing love to those you love.

On another note, here is the last post on lookbook I put up!

I wasn't going to put it up originally, but I put it up on my facebook and since so many people liked it I thought I might as well go ahead and put it up. :] It was just a casual outfit so I'm surprised anyone liked it really. However, that is my FAVORITE dress. It's perfect for so many different occasions. It's simple and sweet. I've worn it to weddings, Dates, and just being out for a stroll, I can't wait for summer so I can show it off!

I was gonna take more pictures today for lookbook but I had tried to find a Valentines outfit, (Since I'm not really going out I didn't have one planned) and I couldn't find anything that seemed right. So I just put on a normal outfit but then it started raining! So discouraged. Oh well, Hopefully I'll take some new good ones soon. I've also realized that since I've started taking pictures for look book I seem to have stopped taking regular pictures. I kind of want a new camera, the camera lens I have is way to close for me to take self Portraits without having to use a tripod, and that's way harder, less angles. I miss my dinky little camera that the screen could flip around so I could see myself!

I don't know what it has been lately, but, I keep having these HUGE feelings of a Lack of self-esteem. I've never felt like this before. I hate the way I look...I wish I could change everything about myself. I don't look very good in pictures anymore and I can't figure out what it is. :[ I used to be so much cuter or something. I don't like my eyes, my bone structure, my body shape, my lips, my teeth, my chest. Ugh, I don't know what it is...WHY do I look so different? Honestly, I've kinda been thinking It's because of my hair...Like, the length and shape of my hair, maybe that's why I feel like I don't look attractive anymore. I thought I was super cute when I was a scene kid, my hair was bigger on top and thinner on the bottom. ( my face is wider on the bottom maybe that's why it looks weird) But it's bothers me because I LOVE MY HAIR. If anything that's my favorite part about me. :[ I need to just get over it. I am Cute...I just can't take good pictures anymore. .:Sigh:.

Oh...Mmmm, My Valentines Day Rundown.
Wake up
Baby Gave me a Giant Teddy Bear and some Chocolate. (Think I'll have a piece right now!)
He took me out to lunch
He goes to work and I stay home and attempt Homework!
I took and have Breakfast for Dinner ready for him when he gets home!
I give him his gifts!


There are pictures of the bear! We need to think of a Name for him. :p
So far he's just Mr. Bear. That name will not suit him.

Have a Great Day everyone!

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