Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sexsexsexsex. Why is everything always about sex?
I am so fucking tired of it. Like, I don't know what the fuck I am supposed to do. I don't want to have sex so something is wrong with me? I'm the person that needs to figure out what to do? Not of course the person freaking constantly trying to get me to have sex? The more you push the less I'll lean.

I don't know what to do. I feel bad I really do but I honestly, just don't want to have sex. Why can't things be like they used to when people couldn't freely have sex all the time, I'm sure that made it way more enjoyable and appreciating when it did happen.

I'm sorry...I just had to rant a little to someone that wasn't gonna tell me to just suck it up and have sex anyways.

What kind of bullshit is that? I shouldn't have to have sex with someone if I don't want to just to make things better for them.

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9th, 2012 Photo Heavy!

Oh Why, Hello there!

I have a feeling, Once a month is kind of the way this blog is going right now. But, Here let me catch up with you...

April Showers, Bring may Flowers. Let's only hope, there have been a few but I just can't wait for more, thankfully The beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree's have been in bloom, they will be going away soon, thankfully I took a few pictures with them while they were here to visit. :]

Spring Term
Stared last week. It was STRESSFUL. I have fallen so far behind in things like, writing letters back to my friend, keeping my apartment clean (especially my room), getting my hair done and eyebrows done! My Beauty department has been running on low recently. Spring term started with me Having three classes; Math 95, Intro to Psych, and Digital Photography Two. I would have LOVED to keep these classes but unfortunately I had to drop my Intro to Psych class because It just required too much work for me to have to do while taking math 95! Math is the most important to me right now because It's something I'm pretty far behind in. Plus, Who really wants to Do Four 200-400pt Essays in an Intro to Psych class. I'm not a Psych Major! Plus I wasn't too stoked on the 200 pt. Essay due the 2nd week of class either. Oh well, I will take it another time. So I had to end up trying to find a different class! Pretty difficult, I tired a Western Civ, Ancient to Medieval class, Soooooooooo not for me. Fortunately I joined into this History of Art class from 1947-Presant day. First day We did a small art project! I knew right away this class was for me. I quickly joined and I am excited for the next class, tomorrow!

Let's see, what else what else?! Nothing all too much I guess. I suppose one thing is, I have two new roommates! It's quite a full house here(Literally). Our Dear friends Rin and Jay recently moved back/here from New York. Jay has been looking for a job since and he Just got one a mile walk from where we live! They are supposed to move in here when our other roommate Moves out(hopefully soon! My nerves are running dead), but since he got a job we are letting stay here early! We've moved the game room we had upstairs into the living room. A pretty good idea since no one ever used the living room and we have curtained off the area so it seems more like a room. I don't mind it, I pretty much hide in my room all the time anyways.

What's left to say?I had a pretty amazing weekend. I was planning on having a "me" weekend so I could beautify myself. Instead, I hung out with friends, took lookbook pictures and Partied it up! We had a "Gangsta" Party on saturday. Nothing but Caribou Lou's and 40's! Unfortunately Nick Made some gross mix of badness. D: I think It's what made me so sick in the morning! Worst hang over I have had in a LONG time. The worst. Felt better by the end of the day thank goodness. Also, Easter Ham Probably helped a little bit. Anyways, Enough with the Words, on to photos!

(DO NOT LOOK if; You follow my other Blog Tainted SweetHeart there are plenty of photos that I will be posting on there!)
Also, If you haven't already, please check out my Fashion Blog, Tainted SweetHeart, I update more often there(I also just received an award!) and, Check out my Lookbook!

Let it Begin!
Friday Day Hanging out with Jenna, Got a new Dress, SOOO excited to show it off soon when it's nice out!
This is my Friend Sheena! I took some "Work like" photos for her so that she could put them on her Resume!
Chris and I's Yummy Drinks we Got at the Olive Garden for lunch! I absolutely LOVE Random Fruity Drinks.
Chris took me up to the Dog Park across the street and on top of the hill to Check it out! It had a GORGEOUS view, you could see so much! I was going to take lookbook pictures in front of the view but they didn't turn out so well.|
I wanted to share this picture Because I MADE this cute little purse! It's not done yet but almost!
A Really pretty picture that Chris Snapped for me! I LOVE it. It's one of my favorites. I got a few cute ones this weekend actually. It made me feel way better about how I've been feeling about myself lately.
Jenna and I Got Dressed up In Lolita!
Hungover Sunday!
And a Nice Ending Photo of Chris. :]

Thanks For stopping by guys!

Oh, I'm thinking about Changing my hair again. Lavender on top and White on bottom, What do you think?