Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

 It's so true. So from now on I'm going to try and record my days better.

Today is August 15th. Today I didn't do too much. I woke up and said goodbye to my baby. (He was going to go work for his mom today) then I played Sims with Matt (my hippie friend who has been living at a commune.) Then I went to school and took my final in my freaking Philosophy class. D: I'm pretty sure I bombed that whole class. I'm super nervous on what I am supposed to do if I don't pass my class. :{ Will I even be able to take classes next term? What will my aunt do about it if I can't? Will she pay for the classes? D: Will I actually have to find a job instead of go to school full time? If I have to find a job then I wont be able to pay for the new place that I want to move too. :[ A Nice three bedroom two bath apartment up the street that's closer to my school. Anyways, I'm rather tired. I think I'm gonna head to bed. Baby isn't home. He's staying at his mom's so he can work tomorrow at six am. :{ I miss him a lot and it's always hard to fall asleep while he is away. I've got to pass out on the couch because my bed is just far to big and empty without him. I love him though and I'll see him tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and Yesterday I was working on some art. :D Not my best but hey, whatever. :}

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