Thursday, August 18, 2011

August, 18th.

Today I learned that the juice maker I received for my birthday years ago and just now using is plain out awesome.

I just made Lemonade.
With a hint of Smirnoff Cranberry Vodka.

Two Lemons
Half a spoon of sugar
Half a can of sprite
As much Vodka as you like. :D

Also, Today I really did nothing. I attempted taking a picture last night and for today for a picture collage of the month thing. Didn't work. I need to find a nice clear place to setup my camera. However, such a place does not exist.
Oh yus, I also Learned today that dreaming about your teeth falling out could mean something bad happening to your health or something you tried to keep secret coming back to Bite you in the butt. D:
Hopefully, that's not the case on either account.
But dream theory is interesting in any means and I strongly suggest to keep a dream journal. Or look up your dreams ASAP apon wake up time. :]
I've really got nothing to say.
Going through all my old pictures today to delete bad ones.
Have a awesome picture to enjoy.

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