Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where have I been?

Where Have I been, That's a good question to start with.

Man, I've been in a funk lately. It was chris and I's One year yesterday. He was at work from 9-6:30 while I was at his mom's house doing laundry. :{ It made me really sad. Then we went to the Ringside to eat some fancy food and great onion rings! (I hated onions really until i tried these last time we went). But I wasn't very hungry so I felt bad for not really eating and I've just been feeling off. After that we went and played glow in the dark mini golf! It was pretty cool looking there. In the end chris beat me though. :{ I was sad. I get pretty competitive. I hate games that you have to wait on people though because then I rush and don't do as well. :{ i like things like lazer tag and paintball where you're constantly in motion and everything you do has to be done in a split second or else you could be done for!
But I felt so weird. :{ maybe it's just because we've been together for a year and I keep expecting like we should be feeling the intensity of when we were first together. I always stop and feel like we're growing a part.
But then later I think about it and rationalize that that's not it. We're just used to each other and we understand each other and we're still just as happy and we still can't even begin to think about not being with each other. Just because our love Isn't fresh doesn't mean it's not true.
I'm always stressing about this kind of stuff.

On another note. Candy Carnival(rave) is in two days. And I've been super lazy.
I need to finish my boot covers and also my bear suit. So lazy though! I don't want to do anything and it's so much harder to do things when Chris isn't here. He's my motivation. Everything is better when He is around.

Still feeling weird about us. I can't stop.
He's not very affectionate when we're around others, but we're around others 90% of the time. this girl needs more attention then that. :{
This weekend is going to be harsh. Please, wish me some luck.

On another note. I've been making lots of fuzzies. (until I got lazy)
Here are a few of the more interesting ones.

Goodbye for now.

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