Friday, September 2, 2011


Yesterday I hung out with Wall-e.

You might be thinking of Wall-E as in the movie.
That's not who I hung out with, Kinda. :P

This is My Wall-E

And I am her Eva.

We meet almost two years ago? I don't know anymore. It was the day of my Senior Prom and my boyfriend at the time and I were downtown waiting around and I saw some friends from afar and Kayla was one of her friends as well. As soon as she saw me she told me I was so pretty and asked me to be her Eva.
I told her I would as long as she was my Wall-E.

^It was that Day^

Almost immediately after that we became bestfriends.
We were bestfriends throughout my last relationship.
But then He got jealous I was always with her (Because she's a lesbian)
And then he hated her, and I always ran crying to her and It got worse and worse, Because she liked me and I really liked her but I was too scared to leave the relationship I was in. And I really did love her, but it just seemed kinda weird to be in a relationship.
Then we didn't talk for a while when I finally did break up with him.
She was the most amazing person I had ever met, So true, so passionate, so honest, so caring. She was so sweet.
Always. And she still is. I was just always so scared I'd hurt her. You don't want to be selfish and keep something so amazing to yourself when you know there are others that need their help.
In any case. We finally hung out the other day for the first time in MONTHS.
I really did miss her, our feelings for each other have change. I'm happy about that. Because I love the person I'm with.
But she's just as amazing as always. And always a little late (She hasn't had a cellphone for over a year by choice. Annoying when trying to meet up with her, one of the reasons we don't hang out anymore.)

And maybe she's not my bestfriend anymore, but we still share our food and dance in the square and wander downtown and I always drag her shopping with me.
I love hanging out with her because she is so, random. And she's always fun.
I really feel like myself around her. :]

This post has been really random and Sporadic. Sorry. >< Anyways, I miss her and I hope we start hanging out again soon since I'm not dating someone she's afraid of. <3

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