Monday, December 19, 2011

Since no one says anything, this is like a diary.

Do you ever think that sometimes you're not meant to be in a relationship with anyone? I'm sure it's crossed some peoples minds before. But, the reason I think this sometimes is not for the idea that people don't like me and I'm not destined to find a lover. It is more like, I tend to find a lot of people that like me. I'm not trying to sound conceded either. Most of my male friends have had feelings for me at one point or another. And a lot of the time I end up being interested in someone because I want to get to know them better, I want to make their life good, I want to help them learn that it's okay to open up and that it's okay for them to be who they are because they're amazing. This ends up being bad because that person I want to get to know ends up liking me. And If I like them and I'm single we might end up dating, then break up and they hate me but have grown. Or, I'm taken and then they like me then realize They don't get a chance so they hate me but have grown. I don't know...I'm too in my head lately. Trying to think about what's best for me at this point.

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